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young AmBition

ambition这个词有以下几种含义: 1.抱负, 雄心, 野心 2. 渴望得到的东西 3. 追求的目标;夙愿 您可以根据上下文来进行准确地翻译。

ambitious(adj),有野心的。 需要一个形容词来修饰后面的young lawyers。 Hatchinbgs,像那些有野心的年轻的律师一样,开始对政治感兴趣了。

Many young people want to become pop-stars. It is their great ambition in life. They think: pop-stars make a lot if money; they lead interesting and exciting lives; thousands of fans adore them; they become famous. Yes, but fir...

dreamed of

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