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就是find chinese,找中国人

看到fxxx,我就想起了中国人说一个人“很牛X” 所以,应该不是什么好单词,极有可能是FUCK。


In my free time, I'd like to read microblogging articles, rather than playing games. I have many hobbies such as singing and performing. I am also very easygoing, perfering to making friends with people surrounded me. Sometimes...

As a bachelor of arts是介词短语作状语, I是主语 will graduate是谓语 from Central Academy of Fine Arts, China 是地点状语 china后也应该有逗号 in the summer of 2014是时间状语 where I major in Art是非限制性定语 修饰 . Central Academ...

貌似······china_net没密码的,你曾的那个是别人家的,信号主人邪恶的把名字改成了【china_netxxx】,我以前也干过这种事,这种情况你只有3个选择 1···破解密码(需要技术的) 2···向主人问密码(估计主人会扁你) 3···换一个wifi(要是我,就这...

你这个翻译的不完整, preset sales target 预定销售目标。负责XXX解决方案在整个中国的销售工作并完成所有产品的预定销售目标。


I'm go ing to USA to teach Chinese.First I think there is a big problem you should conquer--Time Zone Difference.America is the No.1 country in the world, which makes me to visit it. I like Seatlle,which is very close to China,...

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