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work out造句

workout 名词 (非正〉(尤指体育的)训练; 赛前集训(时间) work out 解决, 解答; 计算出 This problem will not work out. 这个问题解答不了。 She worked out the problem with no difficulty.

He will work out a plan by the end of this week. 这周周末之前,他会制定出一个计划。

work out 1. 脱出;冒出;出现;逐渐显现: The situation worked out quite well. 情况到最后相当不错。 2. 掘尽, 采掘完(矿);消耗完(精力等);使精疲力竭[一般作被动语态]: That old mine was worked out long ago. 那座老矿早就挖完了。 3...

1. Mary helps you how to work out this addition arithmatic. 2. Jack is still working on his car repairing.3. I need man power now and do you like to work for me ?

Work out a list and compare it with your partner. 列出一个清单并把它和你的同伴比较一下. The teacher has made out a list of reference books. 教师已开出了一份参考书单。

he worked out the problem successfully

after a day time,we work out an outline for the building.

1.Victories and losses, ups and downs, as we'll talk about next week. 胜利和失败,起起和落落,我们下个星期会讲到。 2.Well, I hoped that once we were together, It would all work out. 我希望我们相处之后,事情会自然解决的。 3.Well...

1。The problem is too hard for him to work out. = The problem isn't easy enough for him to work out. =The problem is so hard that he can't work out. 2.She is too young to do the work. = She isn't old enough to do the work. =She...

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