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A music teacher wanted for the New Year's PartyAt the New Year's Party,we wanted a music teacher.He can play very good music .We can enjoy ourselves.I like listen to music so I really want such a teacher.We might have fun when ...

这是宾语从句, about后面介词后宾语从句 希望能帮到你, 如有疑问,可继续追问


你在干嘛? I am reading books 或 I am watching TV

明天早上我们要做什么? 这是一个将来时的疑问句。

歌曲名:What Are We Doing 歌手:Omarion 专辑:21 B.o.B. - What Are We Doing Splendidyang It's been a long time coming And the clock says a quarter to 4 I'm feeling like it's now or never And your bodies telling me it's a go So wha...


what are you doing?

B 试题分析: 句意:这周末你要做什么?如果不下雨,我们去远足。if引导的条件状语从句,主语为一般将来时,从句用一般现在时,故选B.

你好! When we are doing 当我们在做 when we are going 我们要去的时候

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