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你真的可以醉了,你们老师怎么可以这么瞎说埃。。 welcome是动词。就表示欢迎的意思,也就是你欢迎的那个动作。 nice是形容词。开头省略的主谓是it is,也就是it is nice to meet you。英文当中用IT代词提前指代句末动作。这里的IT = to meet yo...

Dear Jim I am lihua . i can go to the US when i finish my high school. my parents also agree with me. I a, so happy ,and you could please tell me something about the US .Like what can i do in the US. of course ,i want to know w...

welcome you to come to China

就Thank you就行了 不过这话应该是你跟歪果仁说的,为什么要关心他们怎么答呢?

这个问题。。。 这是中国人对来中国的外国人的一种欢迎语。 welcome to china.即欢迎来到中国。是表示一种友好。

意思是“欢迎来到中国” welcome:音标 ['wɛlkəm] ,谐音“威勒克姆” to:音标 [tə] ,谐音“特” China:音标 ['tʃaɪnə],谐音“恰义呢”

welcome to china 欢迎来到中国。 这是一句话。welcome to是短语,意思是欢迎来到...

外要科目 图 拆那

Hello!Welcome to China.Probally,most of you have known something about our country.But still I "ll make further introduction about her.As you know China has a history of five thousand years.So comes out it a lot of hitoric reli...

您好翻译为欢迎来到东北 希望帮助你

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