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你问这个问题,说明你根本没看懂这个句子,断句都断错了。 Those (who were able) took advantage of the opportunities (for success and happiness [...

In the Spring when the feeling is chronic And my caution was leaving me flat I should have made use of a tonic Before you gave me that A mental deficient you'll grade me I've given you plenty of data You came, you saw, you slay...

就从“因为我测了你的脉搏”开始? Because I took your pulse. Elevated. Your pupils dilated. 因为我测了你的脉搏,脉搏加快,你的瞳孔放大。 I ...

of to take advantage of的解释 1..利用 He took advantage of the good weather to go for a walk. 他趁着天气好,出去散散步。 2.欺骗;占...的便宜 He has always been taking 你这句话的意思是:农民趁着好天气来粉刷棚子。 希望对你有帮助

不要有这样的一个误区,看到be able 后面就一定要有个to,able的确常用于你可以这样看Those( who were able )took advantage,就显而易见了。整句


They took advantage of the dilemma and took over our company because we have nobody to turn to .

这是个固定词组take advantage of =make use of, 利用的意思。其它的没有这样的搭配。

take advantage of 利用 George利用好天气在花园里忙活了一整天。

"那些有能力的人会抓住(利用好)摆在面前的成功与幸福的机遇." who were able 是修饰 Those, 这里用的不是be able to do sth.的短语. 注意动词took是一般过去式,跟在主语Those who..后面; 如果是be able to do,则会用动词原型to take.

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