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think of doing抱着做某事的想法 think of to do想着去做某事

think of + doing sth 因为of是介词,介词后面必须接名词性的成分,包括名词、名词短语、动名词(即动词ing)

当然加doing啦,of 是介词,后面要加ing形式的动词,也就是动名词。

i keep myself busy with things to do,but every time i pause,i still think of you 我让自己忙着做事情,但每次我停下来,我还是会想起你,

think 英 [θɪŋk] 美 [θɪŋk] vt. 想;思索;以为;看待 vi. 思辩;考虑;构想;回忆 adj. 深思的;供思考的 n. 想;想法 网 络 认为; 想; 觉得; 以为 过去式:thought 过去分词: thought 现在分词:thinking 第三人称单...

be +动词不定式(即be + to do sth.)的用法如下: 1.表示按计划或安排要做的事。例如: When are you to leave for home?你什么时候回家? She is to be married next month.她将于下个月结婚。 The Queen is to visit Japan in a week’s time....

Everyone hope to have they kind of feeling, and it really only belongs ...I do not think I would choose her no doubt. Her name is GE Qing. ...

你好,很高兴为你解答 Can you _thing of___(think of) any other ways to do it? can后加动词原形。 满意采纳哦!

动词: 原形do:1.一般现在时,非三单 don’t / doesn’t /do /does + do “主将从现” 2.情态动词 can /may/ must/ will/ would/ should /might/ have to / be able to + do 3.祈使句,V原形开头 4.非谓语V Why not do?Why don’t you do?Shall we do?...

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