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歌曲名:Something There 歌手:Paige O'Hara 专辑:Beauty And The Beast (Special Edition) Something There Disney There's something sweet And almost kind But he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined And now he's dear And so I'm su...

有细微的差别,主要是语气上 is there something,,,语气较委婉些, 如Is there something wrong? 发生什么事情了吗?(表示关注或关心) Is there something else? 还有什么事情吗?(怕对方忘记什么) is there anything,,,语气比较自然 Is t...


歌名:Something There 演唱:CHAGE&ASKA 作曲:飞鸟凉 作词:飞鸟凉/CHARLIE MIDNIGHT 编曲:飞鸟 凉 松本 晃彦 专辑:《Something There》 歌词: I'm so alone in acrowd and cry Too many tears Just like a child who's lost I became a pr...

1、something通常用于肯定句中,而anything一般用于否定句,疑问句或条件状语从句中。如: He found something strange but interesting.他发现了一些奇怪但却有趣的事情。 Do you have anything to say ?你有话要说吗? 2、在表示请求、邀请、...

这里due for work this Friday 不过是project的后置定语,用来修饰project进行补充说明。比如There is something important. 不要纠结于什么句型,你看,如果去掉due for work this Friday,这个句子还是成立的。主句的结构就是there be 结构


there's something wrong with 关于..........有一些错误 例句: 1. What if there's something wrong with me? 会不会是我的身体有问题?

JoJo - Something In The Water 【不给你附歌曲连接了,百度知道老吞带有连接的答案,只给你歌词好了】 Lyrics to Something In The Water :(Something In The Water的歌词) What am I doing, watching all his movements Pulling apart every...

there is是there be句型的一种,译为“有”,可以用于各种时态 there is something that不是一个特定的句型,只是根据要说的话的意思,“有……”,后面加从句

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