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take priority over 优先考虑 双语例句 1 E.g.1.They insist that the right to live should take priority over all other considerations. 他们坚持认为,生存权利应放在其他一切考虑因素之上。 2 If environmental considerations are upperm...

take priority of 比…居先,得…优先权 用法: A take priority of B,A优先于B A take priority of B,A得到B的优先权 相关例句: The horizontal tube film evaporator has the advanced comprehensive index, which can take priority of sele...

priority /praɪˈɒrɪtɪ/ CET4 TEM4 1.N-COUNT If something is a priority, it is the most important thing you have to do or deal with, or must be done or dealt with before everything else you have to do. 优...

不对。 it和you之间要加一个if


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