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rat race: Noun, an exhausting routine that leaves no time for relaxation 名词, (商界)日常紧张的竞争活动;无意义的竞争

escape the rat race 逃离老鼠赛跑 例句 1.Anywhere that would let them escape the rat race for the weekend. 去哪儿都行,只要能躲开激烈的尘世竞争去度周末就好。 2.If you want to escape the rat race you will have to reduce your work...

Zaysen : "Drop your weapons! Now! You have no chance of escape! Come ...And here you are wiping out a race of people! Zaysen : So does he ...

, the guards invade the tavern, but the thugs help the pair escape. ...Snuggly Duckling thugs to rescue Eugene, and horse and rider race to the ...

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