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歌曲名:Pull Me Out 歌手:Bebo Norman 专辑:Bebo Norman Bebo Norman - Pull Me Out Tell me now, when does this start feeling Like I understand everything I’m dealing with First I was young, now it’s all just happening And what abou...


Make This Leap Lyrics I could see, I could see your heart, through your eyes On that night from the balcony How could we ever Make this leap? You and I, Caught up in wind like we were parachutes Oh how we'd fly until we hit the...

这是教父里面的经典台词,反正我见到不少电影和美剧都有引用这句话 这句话的意思用中国的一句话就是:人在江湖,身不由己(这是意译)。 而直译的话,就是:当我以为我已经金盆洗手的时候,他们又让我重回江湖。 其实原句是they pull me back in ...


The Godfather 教父里面就有 原句是: Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in.

apple pie bed 苹果派床 Since you met you've been trying to pull me out of this apple pie bed. 你见过以来你一直试图把我的苹果派的床上。...

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