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are 因为询问的是parrots,表示不止一只鹦鹉,需要用be的复数形式

Three Green Parrots 1.There are three green parrots standing in the tree.There are three green parrots standing in the tree.Now one green parrot accidentally falls. There are two green parrots standing in the tree. 2.There are ...

So many peoplehave a parrot as a partner! Look at this bird in Congo.She is very smart..Her name is Einstein!The African Grey Parrot really lives up to the name! The smart parrot lives at the Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee.Her colo...

英文原文: in the rising parrots 英式音标: [ɪn] [ðə] [ˈraɪzɪŋ] [ˈpærət] 美式音标: [ɪn] [ðə] [ˈraɪzɪŋ] [ˈpærət]

People love parrots for their beautiful and bright colors. They are clever birds. They can learn to talk. They are able to tell if objects are the...

选C A 词语拼错错误 B 是动词或名词 C 是形容词 根据句子意思,我们看到了一些有趣的红萝卜。 应该是有趣的 形容词 故选C

What are they

Yes。I like parrots。


They have a parrot.

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