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A.M.S=After monthly statment 30 DAYS A.M.S=月结后30天付清 例:7月1日送货,7月31日月结后30天,即9月1日到期要付了。

monthly statement balance的中文翻译 monthly statement balance 月度平衡表

bank monthly statement 银行的月结单 1. Photocopy of Latest two Monthly Bank Statement 最近两个月银行流水帐 2. Original Monthly Bank Statement ? months? 最近两个月银行流水?。

monthly statement英[ˈmʌnθli ˈsteitmənt]美[ˈmʌnθli ˈstetmənt][词典]月结单,月计表;[例句]All bank charges and credits are recorded on your monthly statement.所有的银行费率和余额都记录在你的...

A monthly statement is a general term for a personalized financial record that regularly informs a recipient about the status of his or her account.It is...


BOA,Chase和citi的基本账户,只要你选择paperless statement,那么monthly fee就会被免除了。

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