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D 考查时态。根据句意可她在这个公司工作是在她决定离开之前,决定离开使用了过去时,之前就应该使用过去完成时。

Freshman when the family because of the distress, I had to leave. After ...Finally sincerely wishes to you and wish you success in work, you would ...


此处 可见 最后决定的离开 动作发生在过去 而 她一直工作的公司 更是发生在过去的过去 当然用 过去完成啊 求满意

many traffic jams leave drivers puzzled as they finally reach the end of a tail-back to find no visible cause for their delay.Now,a tean of mathemati...

I am here with open arms where you will some day finally arrive... ...Something that I adjusted to and I won't ever leave it.Josh, we are ...

烟缕自那居住着 接近心的地方有半个月亮 时而用一只眼睛。 它住在楼下 那一天 最后的你还在遥望的地方哈哈

cheek in the flower fragrance, completely forget, you leave the sadness ...Finally tell you a small, secret. E had good like you. -- -- - --...

补课结束了,我终于可以正式放假了。 全部释义和例句>>Well, I can finally officially leave. 补课结束了,我终于可以正式放假了。 全部释义和例句>>Well...

D 主句中的谓语knew用的过去式,从句也要用相应的过去时态,排除A、B、C。只有D项是过去时态,故选D。

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