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举个例子解释比较容易:You dont have to worry about him,he is in a good care.(你不用担心他,他被照顾的很好) You might write to me in care of Tom. (来信可以由汤姆转交)

care 护理 双语对照 词典结果: care [英][keə(r)][美][ker] v.关心; 担心; 照顾; 喜爱; n.照顾; 小心; 忧虑; 第三人称单数:cares过去分词:cared现在进行时:caring过去式:cared 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. We need to find innovat...

n. 1. 看护;保护[U] Is he in the doctor's care? 他有医生治疗护理吗? 2. 照料;管理;关怀[U] The baby needs a lot of care. 这婴孩需要精心照料。 3. 忧虑,烦恼;心事[C][U] He is now free from all care. 他如今无忧无虑。 4. 用心;努力[U] C...


有 take care , 没 take care in 这个固定搭配 这样它的意思应该是 “在。。。。方面要小心,注意” 请及时采纳,不懂继续问( 天天在线 ) (*^__^*) 祝学习进步! 谢谢!

I Don't Care - Apocalyptica 我不在乎- 金属启示录乐队 I try to make it through my life 我试着熬过生命 in my way 在我的面前 there's you 还有你 I try to make it throughthese lies 我试着在这些谎言里生存 that's all I do 这就是我所做...

In Care of Name 在关心的名字 In Care of Name 在关心的名字

歌曲名:We Don'T Care 歌手:Kanye West 专辑:The College Dropout And all my people thats drug dealin jus to get by stack ya money till it gets sky high We wasnt supposed to make it past 25 but the jokes on you we still alive Throw...

美国移民申请1-129表里的In care of name 填写收信人的姓名。

歌名:As Long As You Love Me 歌手:Backstreet Boys Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine I'm leaving my life in your hands People say i'm crazy that i am blind Risking it all in a glance How you got my blind is sti...

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