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比如说, She went to great lengths to keep her private life private 翻译:她不遗余力来保持她的私生活不受干扰, 语法:go to great lengths TO DO sth.:尽力,不遗余力+ to do - - - -

go to great lengths 不遗余力,竭尽全力; 不惜工本 双语例句 1 They go to great lengths to accommodate us. 他们为了招待好我们费了巨大的精力。 2 I understand the responsibility and trust they are putting in me, and go to great leng...

at great length[英][æt ɡreit leŋθ][美][æt ɡret lɛŋkθ] 洋洋洒洒; 详细地;细致地; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. They talked over at great length the matter of how to increase the sale of your products. 他...

For a small island----Great Britain has a great length of coastline. 作为小岛的英国有很长的海岸线。 供参考。

to great lengths / 竭尽全力。固定词组,习惯用法。

longing 渴望= strong wish强烈的希望


plot(L_best)hold onplot(L_ave)function DrawRoute(C,R)N=length(R);scatter(C(:,1),C(:,2));hold onplot([C(R(1),1),C(R(N),1)],[C(R...

and we have to lower into the ground and haul out of the ground great lengths of drill pipe which are rotated by an engine at the top and are ...

4.Located in northern China, the Great Wall, with a length of about 6700 km,well deserves its famous reputation---the Great Wall(长城与万里长城在中国...

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