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First, the Great Wall two thousand years of history; It is located in northern China. East from Shanhaiguan, wes...

at great length[英][æt ɡreit leŋθ][美][æt ɡret lɛŋkθ] 洋洋洒洒; 详细地;细致地; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. They talked over at great length the matter of how to increase the sale of your products. 他...

go to great lengths 不遗余力,竭尽全力; 不惜工本 双语例句 1 They go to great lengths to accommodate us. 他们为了招待好我们费了巨大的精力。 2 I understand the responsibility and trust they are putting in me, and go to great leng...

go to great lengths 释义 不遗余力,竭尽全力; 不惜工本 She'll go to great lengths to get promotion. 为了得到提升,她什么都干得出来.

For a small island----Great Britain has a great length of coastline. 作为小岛的英国有很长的海岸线。 供参考。

S + V + O + OC

to great lengths / 竭尽全力。固定词组,习惯用法。

B in length 在长度上,length是名词 类似的还有in height 在高度上等


plot(L_best)hold onplot(L_ave)function DrawRoute(C,R)N=length(R);scatter(C(:,1),C(:,2));hold onplot([C(R(1),1),C(R(N),1)],[C(R...

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