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go to onE's hEAD是什么意思


go over one's head 天马行空,不知所云;

开始,前进,先走 我是老师,有什么不懂的可以继续问我 很开心为你解答,希望你能采纳

go over one's head: 1.[释] to do sth without seeking a superior's permission; [例] We'll go over his head to appeal for what we think is right.; go postal 2.[释]to be extremely upset/violent; [例] I don't believe John will go p...

go over someone's head 走在别人的头 双语对照 例句: 1. Someone's head must roii. 如果要摘某人的公职。 2. Someone is head over heels in love with mike. 有人正和迈克热恋呢。

An insult, of the form go and do something bad for you

to give head 给头 例句 1.Jim took it into his head to give up his good job and go off for a holiday with a relative. 吉姆突然心血来潮,要放弃他的好工作,与一亲戚去度假。 2."Then go, but come back soon, " she said and lifted her...

浮现在我的脑海中 在我的脑海中

go over my head 是俚语,不是我能承担的或者不能理解的意思

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