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go ovEr 是什么意思

go over 1. 穿过,飞过,越过;走向,走过去: He went over the river by ferry boat. 他乘渡船过河。 2. (车、船等物)翻倒;倒塌: Look out, the house's going over! 注意,这房快倒塌了! 3. 研究,审阅,检查: He went over the plans aga...

go over one's lessons 英 美 复习功课 go over one's lessons是什么意思,词典释义与在线翻译: 参考翻译 复习功课 go over one's lessons的用法和样例: 例句 Now let's go over all the lessons we studied. 现在让我们把学过的功课再复习一...

go over one's head: 1.[释] to do sth without seeking a superior's permission; [例] We'll go over his head to appeal for what we think is right.; go postal 2.[释]to be extremely upset/violent; [例] I don't believe John will go p...


在同为检查的情况下,go over有一种返回去再检查、返工的意思。有那么点start over(重新做)的意思。更多用在对整体的检查。i will go over that document in case there are some errors. go through偏向有针对性的检查。i will go through th...

go over one's head 天马行空,不知所云;

go on 1.向前走; 前进 2.继续做 3.进行 4.发生 5.上场 6.打开 7.过去, 消逝 8.(用于鼓励)来吧 go over 1.留下印象,受欢迎 2.搁置起来,察看 3.翻, 转 4.走过去 5.转为 6.重温,复习

‍ go over board_翻译 go over board 偏爱


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