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For A whilE和For A littlE whilE有什么不同

英语八级为你解释: 从意思上来说,没有太多区别。 for a while和for a little while都表达了一会会的意思。然而for a little while是更加明确,一会会的时间范围更短。 比如:for a while一会会可以是半小时,那for a little while可能是15分钟。

一会儿 双语对照 例句: 1. Usually, I let them go on for a little while to see if this is just an introduction. 通常,我会让他们演示一会儿以便看看是不是这只是一个简介。

a little while 英[ə ˈlitl hwail] 美[e ˈlɪtl hwaɪl] 不久, 一会儿;一时半刻;少 [例句]She offers four reasons to stay put for at least a little while longer: 她认为至少目前应该坚守当前的工作岗位,同时给出...

应该是think for a while 和 wait a while

after a while 不久,过一会儿 After a while,he was asleep. in a while adv.过一会,过不久 once in a while 偶尔 She haves a headache once in a while for a short while 暂时 短短一会儿 The road is closed to traffic for a short while. ...

a little和a bit后面都可以接形容词,意思是一点儿,例如:a little big相当于是a bit big或kind of big。 a little可修饰不可数名词,而a bit修饰名词时后面要加上of,也就是说a bit of+名词。 a bit, a little (1) a bit 和 a little 在肯定句中修...

In _______, the northerners have a particular liking for dumplings while the southerners are fond of rice. (A) general (B) total (C) ...

little 否定,少

“ill be coming alone and it won't be for a little while I need to save money for me to travel” 我会自己来而不会是短时间内的事,我要为旅途存钱。 it won't be for a little while 短时间内不会

a little bit与a little两个都能做为程度副词词组来用.修饰形容词,副词,动词和比较级结构.这时两者是可以互换的.意思是:“稍微,一点”如: He is a little bit / a bit / a little taller than me.他比我高一点. 其次是这两个还可以用做为形容词...

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