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My Father's Eyes 父亲的眼眸 Sailing down behind the sun, 在太阳落下前启航 Waiting for my prince to come. 等待我的王子的到来 Praying for the healing rain 祈求着可以治愈伤痛的雨 To restore my soul again. 将我的灵魂重整 Just a toe...

歌曲名:Father S Eyes 歌手:AMY GRANT 专辑:The Collection Fathers eyes —Axxis Into my fathers' eyes a little spark of life Almost gone forever Father don't go away so much I wanna say How could i turn back the time now? How could...

http://wma.9ku.com/file2/QY/0508/1.Wma ,赶紧用吧,采纳哟

My father in my eyesMr.X, my father, is easy-going. I was born at my grandma's house in a village. It's a poor family, so are my parents, especially as a farmer, under the pressure, my father has a responsibility to improve the...

SHM & John Martin - Don't You Worry Child There was a time, I used to look into my father's eyes In a happy home, I was a king I had a gold throne Those days are gone, now the memories are on the wall I hear the sounds from the...

这个句子有错误 应该是Betty is the apple of her father's eyes. 翻译:贝蒂是她爸爸的掌上明珠。

children wish fathers looked but with their eyes 孩子们希望父亲看,但不是用他们的眼睛,而是用心

She is the


用is 表示 一般的情况,就是表示现在的情况,过去可能是,也可能不是 用was 只表示过去,情况可能是他父亲现在可能去世了,或者因为种种情况而不能再宠爱他了~~ 使用哪个词,可要看具体的情景来分析矮~

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