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Far East Movement 是由四个美国男青年组成、成员有Kev Nish,Prohgress,J-Splif,和 DJ Virman没有女的、不过Far East Movement有 和The Cataracs(欧美一个双人组合)和Dev (欧美女独立音乐家 经常和The Cataracs合作)一直合唱了一首Like A...

歌曲名:Rocketeer 歌手:Far East Movement 专辑:Dirty Bass Rocketeer Far East Movement here we go, come with me there's a world out there that we should see take my hand, close your eyes with you right here, a rocketeer let's fly(...

属于嘻哈风 Far East Movement 即为远东韵律 缩写FM 又译为东方联盟,远东运动 主要音乐都包括电音成分 主要旋律就是说唱 是一个嘻哈风格的电音说唱乐队 也是首个与美国主流唱片公司签约的亚裔嘻哈乐团 望采纳。

Love is for all, for all, for all, for all I spend a lot of time looking for a better day Changing looking like it's many years away Slowly, slowly getting closer as my hope takes over for all La-la-la-la . I'm pushing to the l...

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like a g6 girls on the dance floor Rocketeer If I was You(OMG) 2Gether Go Ape So What_ She Owns The Night White Flag Don't Look Now Fighting For Air like a g6 Round And Round So What 2 Is Better Artwalk Don't it in the am Don't...

Ooh Far East Movement Oh, oh, oh, oh Snoop Dogg I bet you wake up in the morning and you kiss yourself 我打赌你早上醒来就会亲吻自己 ‘Cause I would, if I was you 因为如果我是你 我就会 I bet you show up to the club and just dance...

是不是这一首 “Far East Movement X Marshmello - Freal Luv (feat. EXO Chanyeol 찬열 & Tinashe)


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