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Doing gooD

正确意思是:我挺好的。 根据语境理解: “你怎么样最近?” “挺好的。”

try one's best to do sth.to 这里做不定式,后面必须加动词原形。例:try my best to study well.

make a good use of 后加doing 因为of是介词,介词后面加名词或者动名词构成介宾结构 You should make good use of your life.你应该好好利用生命 You can make a good use of studying in the school 你可以好好利用在学校学习

Planning Is Good ,But Doing Is Better Planning is good as it decides in detail how we do.However,a plan can bear no fruit without being actually carried out. My experience in the English speech contest last October is a case in...


the same as “how are you ? i'm fine。”

be good at doing 善于做

一般是这样的。 有人问 How are you doing? (你怎么样?) 回答 I'm doing good.或者doing good. (我很好) 这是见面打招呼的习惯用法 就像中国人见面问:“吃了没?” 回答:“吃了” 一样,没什么可解释的,记住就可以了。

it is no good doing sth做某事是没益处的 It is no good reading without understanding .(只阅读不理解) it is no use doing sth做某事是没用的 it is no use regretting your past mistakes(后悔过去的错失) 这些都是固定搭配,类似的用...

好人有好报(做好事的人会获得好的回报) 或者 行善得福

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