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CompArE to 与 CompArE with在意思和用法上的区别

compare [kEm5pZE] vt. (1) 比较, 对照(with) (2)把...比作; 比喻(to) (3)(把形容词或副词)变成比较级〔最高级〕 compare one thing with another 将一物与另一物比较 A teacher's work is often compared to a candle. 教师的工作常被...

compare to 是比喻的意思 compare with 跟谁比较 rose is compared to love. we often compare her with her classmates.


compare to 把什么比作什么 It seems entirely approprite that compare he mall to the zoo. compare with把什么与什么对比 There is nothing to compare with a nice cold drink when you get home after work.

unless=if… not引导条件状语从句。主将从现,主过从过。

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