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Boil Down to

boil down to (使)煮浓成;浓缩成;归结为…(引申意思) Most of the crimes may boil down to a question of money. 大多数犯罪归结起来可以说都是金钱问题.

煮到…… boil down英[bɔil daun] 美[bɔɪl daʊn] (把…)煮浓;蒸煮 [例句]Mason prattles on about company ideals that boil down to platitudes like " the customer 's always right ." 梅森天真地大谈公司理想,而归结起...

boil down to (使)煮浓成;浓缩成;归结为…

They blame all sorts of things, but what the restrictions boil down to are the outgrowth of career and personal choices of the twenties. They may have...

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