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BE prEsEntED with

1,be presented:授予,赠送,提出. all competitors are presented with commemorative medals 对参赛者均赠送纪念章. 2,be present:出席 all three generations were present at the family party 三代人都出席了家庭聚会

be presented 是被动语态,可以通过主动语态决定跟什么介词。 例如: ~be presented to 〔present sb./sth. to ... (把某人/某物推荐给 ...)〕 ~be presented with〔present sb. with problem. (给某人带来麻烦)〕 ~be presented as 〔presen...

首先注意each的用法 each of sb. 谓语使用单数 而sb. each谓语使用复数 这一道题目先排除BD 接着注意一个短语 present sb. with sth. 用...赠予某人 被动语态为 sb. be presented with sth. 所以正解为C


这个是一个信用证的要求。 1.要在提单日期的10天内并且是信用证的有效期内交单。 2.信用证的号码及日期还有开证行名称要显示在所有的单据上。 3.没...

be presented 中present 作动词,是被动语态

be presented to 被呈现给 双语例句 1 This report on the meeting and previous sessions would be presented to theCommission. 这份关于这次会议和之前会议的报告将提交给统计委员会。 2 The Least Developed Countries Report 2009: The Sta...

be presented as 被提出作为、扮演某角色 例句: 1.The Place Statistics widget is going to be presented as a window when it isaccessed through a link. 当通过一个链接访问Place Statistics小部件时,小部件将显示为一个窗口。 2.Graphite...

常见信用证条款英汉对照翻译 1.B/l showing costs additional to freight charges not acceptable. 除了运费以外,提单上不能显示其他费用. 2.THIS ...

One additional copy of required document to be presented together with the documents,for issuing bank's retention 一个额外的副本所需文档一起提交文件,开证银行的保留

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