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BE pAiD AttEntion to是什么意思

be paid attention to是“应注意的问题”的意思

有的。 如: We should paid attention to our pronounciation.-----被动为 Our pronounciation should be paid attention to. 或: Attention should be paid to our pronounciation.

much attention should be paid to的中文翻译 much attention should be paid to 应多注意 双语例句 1 Conclusion Much attention should be paid to the pathogenic detection and drug resistance monitoring. 结论应继续加强对泌尿道感染的病...

有。 Your pronunciation should be paid attention to.

你好,此处due作形容词,意为“适当的、应有的”;而“pay attention to”则为固定搭配,意为注意、重视,此处只是运用了它的被动语态(attention should be paid)。 整句的翻译即为: 我们应该适当地关注对于这个问题的分析。 或直译为: 适当的关...

这里的spelling作名词用,意思是“拼写、拼法” Don't make a mistake in your spelling. 不要在拼法上出错。 He is certainly improving in his spelling. 他的拼写大有改进。 pay attention to sth。注意某事 句意:要求多注意拼写

The advantage and disadvantage of Internet网络在生活中的利与弊 As can be seen from the cartoon, an individual is using a mouse which is connected with a computer by the iron chain.The purpose of the picture is to show us that d...

原主动语态是we should pay much attention to improving our English. 变成被动语态就是原句。 pay attention to是固定词组,不存在to介词短语表示目的说法。

这里不需要to。 Attention should be paid. 除非你要表达to什么东西, 比如: Attention should be paid to details. 你可能和定从搞混了,这种情况需要保留介词:the details that we should pay attention to

C 试题分析:句意:要更加注意保护频临灭绝的动物。这里是pay more attention to+doing,这里是它的被动结构,故选C。点评:本题难度适中。动词短语是高考常考的内容,需要考生平时的积累。不仅熟记它们的意义还要掌握它们的用法及区别。即学即...

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