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1 be included in - - - 在英语中存在: Some examples of the recent events should be included IN your essay. 2 be included with - -- 在英语中并不存在。或者说,你能给个例句吗?我见识见识please. 这一句应该是对的: A book is include...


What should be included in the introduction part of a company presentation? -name and position of the presenter -organization of the presentation -purpose of the presentation 一个公司展示的介绍部分应该包括什么? -介绍者的姓名和...

问题分析及解决办法: 这主要是路径问题,先查看$PATH变量的设置。 echo $PATH里面的格式是xxx:xxx:xxx:xxx 这应该没包含/usr/bin这个路径。 执行下面...

the experimental conditions should be included in figure title 实验条件应包括在图标题中

LZ 的 struts.xml和example.xml是在同一个目录下吗? 下面的错误应该与LZ用的Myeclipse的版本有关吧。我之前用的8.6的版本重定向也报错,但是不影响正常运行

Generally speaking, I think a resume should include several parts like that: why do you wanna write this, how do you wanna write this, how many main parts do you have to it, and then a conclusion for it.

关掉那个终端,修改脚本,再打开,就怎么简单 一个终端就是一个登陆的用户,关掉那个终端,就会注销那个用户(是注销终端用户,不是GNOME或KDE ),再打开,就会...

A guiding map, a tour guide if neccessary.the routine and the traffic ,dining place ,hotels and the recreations ,shops and so on

not everything that was said will be included was in the package 不是所有说将被包含在包中

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