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1 be included in - - - 在英语中存在: Some examples of the recent events should be included IN your essay. 2 be included with - -- 在英语中并不存在。或者说,你能给个例句吗?我见识见识please. 这一句应该是对的: A book is include...

1. include是动词,可以在句中充当谓语。 如楼主第一个例句:The price【主语】 for the hotel 【(修饰主语的后置)定语】 includes【谓语】 breakfast【宾语】. 2. 而including除了是include的现在分词/动名词之外,在日常运用中一般被当做介...

LZ 的 struts.xml和example.xml是在同一个目录下吗? 下面的错误应该与LZ用的Myeclipse的版本有关吧。我之前用的8.6的版本重定向也报错,但是不影响正常运行

include file cannot be found.应该是你在struts.xml又引用了其他的struts的xml配置文件,但是引用的路径不对。就是标签中的file属性。

not everything that was said will be included was in the package 不是所有说将被包含在包中

What should be included in the introduction part of a company presentation? -name and position of the presenter -organization of the presentation -purpose of the presentation 一个公司展示的介绍部分应该包括什么? -介绍者的姓名和...

i am writing to share with you my view on whether PE should be included in the college entrance examination. 快点。。。匿名...

Generally speaking, I think a resume should include several parts like that: why do you wanna write this, how do you wanna write this, how many main parts do you have to it, and then a conclusion for it.

一律报错。The command could not be located because '/usr/bin' is not included in the PATH environment variable.clear: command not found. 看半天才知道...

这个问题明显是网关的问题 哥们发错地方了 不过可以告诉你 答案是 D和E 第三位80 = 0101 0000 ,前面2位占了16字节 所以20-16=4 所以第三位前4位是网关地址 后面位为网络号 所以会包括D和E

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