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BE Fun to Do sth什么意思?

be fun to do sth 做某事是有意思的 双语对照 例句: 1. What would be fun to do today? 今天有什么有趣的事情做呢? ----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满意请点击右上方【满意】按钮

be fun doing sth 很高兴一直做或经常某事, be fun to do sth 很高兴要去做某事。可能以前没有做过

have fun (in) doing sth.很高兴做某事 be fun to do sth 很高兴要去做某事。可能以前没有做过

你好,这道题的正确答案是: Hope有两种用法 1 hope to do sth 希望去做某事 I hope to have my own bike. 我喜欢有辆我自己的自行车。 2 Hope sb do sth I hope you have a good time. 我希望你玩得高兴。 没有hope sb to do sth 这种用法。 **...

i hardly have time to do 我几乎没有时间去做(某件事、另外的) i hardly have time doing 我几乎没有时间去做(现在手头的事) “have a good time ”和“have a hard time”后接“doing sth.” 此外包括“have a great time”“have a difficult time...

第一题,此处没必要加for,原句的句型就是“it is fun doing sth”,如果要去掉for的话,就要改成“it is fun to do sth”,即: it will be lots...

have difficult (in) doing sth. had better to do sth.

I will tell you some places of interest, or delicious fun place, let ...I have some words to say with you,please do not be angry,one night thinkin...

do sth for fun 为了快乐而做某事,玩笑意义的做某事 need to 需要做某事 come true 实现(不及物) see sb do sth 看到某人做某事 be used by 被谁所用 in the future 在将来 最后一个:让某人做某事

It was great helping other people in need.

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