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as for sb/sth :with regard to sb/sth至于某人/某事。例如: As for you , you should be ashamed of yourself.至于你,你应该感到惭愧 as to sth:with regard to sth/regarding sth至于某事,提到某事。例如: As to correcting our homework,...

没什么区别,都是从我看来的意思,此外还有很多种表达:as far as I see as far as I know in my opinion personally, I think as to me as far as I am concerned 口语中灵活变化使用,会比总是用 I think好得多

according to me指的是“在我看来,依我之见”,重点强调的是观点,如: According to me, its may be an OS problem. 根据对我来说,它可能是操作系统的问题。 According to me, the culture of China is different than any other culture of th...

对我就像对她自己一样(多) as much to herself as to me 这里没有说具体的动词 比如照顾或者喜爱或者其他 主要就是表达程度

In my opinion in my point of view as I see it as far as I'm concerned the way I see it to my mind to my way of thinking as it appears to me in my humble opinion as far as I see it to my eye in my view in my part i suppose 以上...

首先tell 搭配,tell sb to do sth,根据搭配,这是to的原因,as在这里的意思是“正如,就像....那样”比如,as we all know,正如我们所知道的那样。你这句话整个意思是:我将会像你告诉我的那样去做。这里的as 和to之间没有关联的语法,二者有各...

so as to 和 such as to 的意思一样, 只是so as to 用在肯定句中, 而such as to 用在否定句中,such that 的意思是“如此,,以至于” And he said the nature of land in New Mexico was such that slaves could not be used.这是一个例句。


歌名应该是《 Harmonia》,歌手是ミト。原声集在网易云音乐可以找到。

Write to me as soon as you get to Beijing. 分析:as soon as 引导的是时间状语从句,一般用一般现在时来表示将来的事情,所以不加will。

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