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I Am oF grEAt honor

应该是 - It's my great honor to be here. 这是我莫大的荣幸能够在这里。

It's great honor to be here.

good morning everyone. It's my great honor to be here to introduce myself to you. My name is XXX,a 19-year-old student from junior high...

Ms Tanya Kiangn, I am SHEN, a photographer from Yanbian China.In the Photo Folio Review of PIngyao photographic exhibition, i offered you ...

honour1 (US honor) / ˈɔnə(r); ˋɑnɚ/ n [U, sing] source of pride and pleasure; privilege 光荣; 荣幸: the seat of honour at the head of the table 上首席位 * It is a great honour to be invited. 承蒙邀请, 十分荣...

it is a great honor 这是一个巨大的荣誉 双语对照 例句: 1. It is a great honor to welcome you to the first meeting of the strategic economic dialogue between the united states and china. 我很荣幸地欢迎大家来到中美战略性经济对话的...

用在欢迎词里。如: It is our great honor to have Mr. Smith attending our ceremoy. 我们很荣幸地请到史密斯先生出席我们的庆典。

It's great honor to be here. It's my great honor to be here. I am very honored to be here.


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