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1. We had painted (paint) the house before we moved (move) in. 2. That rich old man had made (make) a will before he died (die). 3. They had studied (study) the map of the country before they left (leave). 4. The robbers had ru...

was went put clean cleaned were doing did made pick picked Did water did is is doing draw did milked

(mo 这个是什么?

8,picked 9,didn't do 10,didn't watch 11,Did go 12,did get got 13,made 14,told 15,was 16,were 17,weren't

时间 时态

用所给动词的适当形式填空的过程. 你要考虑的是时态和人称和数的变化。不知道你是不是问的这个?

3 went

时态从句子的时间状语来判断: 1。真理事实、经常性动作等都用一般现在时 2。过去的时间点,如有yesterday,just now,a moment ago等,就用一般过去时 3。句子中有now、at the moment等,就用现在进行时。有时句子里可能不含有时间状语,但是根...

一般现在时 1. He __________(go) to the zoo on Sundays . 2. ________ they _______(like) China ? 3. Lucy __________ (not like) meat at all . 4. The students ________(have ) lunch at home everyday . 5. My father often _______ (wal...


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