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一、运用同义词(组)进行转换 用同义词或同义词组对原句中的某些词或词组进行替换,注意转换后的词或词组的词形变化要与句子其他成分相适应。如: 1. That day we could see flowers here and there. That day we could see flowers __________. ...

depend on

I have had this bike for a few days. 我已经拥有这辆自行车好几天了。

1of staying 2didn't have until 3what to do 4failed with 5as possiable as

We are surpried in some of their ideas

Is this your jacket ? whose is that cat ? who does the cat belong to? who is the owner of this cat? this skirt is mine that dress is kate is whose pants are these? Please give the pen to Tom they don't look the same His mouth...


I have something important to tell you. Studying English is more difficult than studying Chinese. Summer in GuangZhou is much hotter than summer in Beijing. I don't think swimming is as dangerous as diving. I think mathematics ...

同义句转换是各类考试中常见的一种题型。该题型要求较高,难度较大,考生容易失分。它主要是考查对句型的活用,同一个内容多种形式表达的能力。下面谈谈同义转换的解题技巧。 ①应弄清楚所给句子的内容和句式结构,试题填空部分与原句的对应关系...

His parents (returned) to Guangzhou two days ago 答案:returned 解析:return to与go back to意思相同, 意思是“返回,回到”。 不懂欢迎追问!

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