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打针 几句英语翻译

通俗的说法是: 1. 打吊针 put on a drip 2. 打屁股针 have an injection on the backside 3. 护士用力地把注射针打在屁股上 The nurse forcefully prick a syringe on the backside 4. 今天我去了打吊针 Today I went to put on a drip.

1 他害怕打针,不怕吃药。 1 he is afraid of an injection but is not afraid of medicine 2 比起吃药来,他更害怕 打针 2 compared to medicine, he was more afraid of injections 3 他害怕吃药,更害怕打针。 3 he is afraid of medicine bu...

打针 : 1.to give or have an injection 2.inject 3.injection. Examples: 1. 给他打针时, 用了三个护士才把他按住. It took three nurses to hold him down while they gave him the injection. 2. 那个可怜的家伙,虽然不是懦夫,但一提到打针...

injection 是打针的意思

give an injection. 打针,注射

打针的英语有两个说法: an injection 和 a shot

翻译结果 给小孩打针的英文怎么说 Give children a shot of how to say it in English

护士给病人打针 The nurse gave the patient an injection 护士给病人打针 The nurse gave the patient an injection

Teacher,I want to ask for a leave because I caught a cold today and I need to have an injection.

give the patient an injection

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