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充分利用用英语是take full advantage of。 take full advantage of的意思是充分利用 advantage优势;利益;有利条件 一、短语分析 1、take full advantage of 充分利用 2、Take full advantage of them 充分利用它们 3、To take full advantage...

make full use of

1、词典 make the best of; make the most of; take full advantage of 2、例句 1)我们应该通过充分利用其他能源来节省石油和天然气。 We should conserve oil and gas by making full use of other energy sources 2)但出现的各种可能情况并...

充分利用时间 用英语表达 翻译如下: Make full use of time.

It took me 2 hours to do my homework.

We should make full use of the source

Before that test, I take advantage of every minute of time to review 。 采纳哦,嘿嘿

他建议我充分利用词典,多阅读,以便扩大词汇量 He suggested that I should make full use of the dictionary and read extensively so as to expand my vocabulary.

It is because we have a lot of things to do that we must make full use of our time.

希望他能充分利用这次机会 I hope he can make full use of this opportunity 重点词汇 充分利用make the best of; make the most of; take full advantage of 这次this time; present; current 机会opportunity; chance

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